I am a Law Enforcement Officer, I wear a badge, a gun, and a uniform. I have arrested 1000s of people at this point in my career and have worked just able every call for service possible. I have driven fast, been in many fights, and have dealt with some truly evil people. I have worked every holiday, sacrificed time with family, and those that I care about. I have taken an Oath and will protect those that can’t protect themselves for as long as I can. I did this knowing that the Law Enforcement career path wouldn’t lead to massive riches, and that at times would even challenge my resolve internally. Nevertheless, I have no regrets and have truly found my passion.

I have the luxury of being trained very well by some of the finest officials within the Law Enforcement community. That being said, not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new. No two days are ever the same, no two calls for service are ever the same, and no two persons are ever the same.

In my opinion, it is truly the best career, thus I have decided to create Life Having a Badge to share some of it to any that wish to learn of it.  

The Thin Blue Line Protects All from Chaos...