Friday, January 21, 2022


Every Law Enforcement Official whether they are a Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, Peace Officer, etc. all have that one type of crime that they do not like. What I mean is, this crime or act in particular is one that will be investigated to the fullest and someone is going to jail…pretty much automatically.

For me, it is STEALING! I can’t stand thieves...when I get a call for service or some information pertaining to something involving thievery, I go the extra length. I work all my cases, but when it comes to Stealing, it is my thing….my bread & Butter…my go to!

I dislike thievery because in my opinion there isn’t anything you can’t ask for, you can’t work for, or you can’t save for. The act of stealing from someone that worked for it or is in control of it, to me is lazy. It is an easy way out, and completely undermines society.

That being said, I recently worked a case where it was reported that an employee was stealing from a company, the employee had been stealing from the company for approximately 5 years. The business wasn’t in danger or anything but had reached out to me because the employee had recently quit their job and they wanted the person held accountable for the money they stole.

So, I investigated the incident, got a Search Warrant for financial records for the employee, and basically caught the employee red-handed based off their bank records. The employee stole 50k over the 5 years…so a lot, then washed the money via several credit cards.

The term “Washing” basically means the money was made clean via an untraceable means or act that the person or entity utilizes more than once (i.e., paying off credit cards, real estate, etc.).

I secured multiple Warrant(s) for the arrest of the employee, specifically I ended up getting x99 Warrant(s) for Money Laundering, x3 Warrant(s) for Embezzlement, and a few other charges.

I knew where the employee lives, but I decided not to take them into custody at their residence. I wanted to prove a point, so I decided that I’d arrest the employee at their new job and make sure they knew what the charges were for. I responded, made contact with the employee in the lobby, had them relocate outside into the lobby, there they were placed in hand restraints, and arrested in reference to the Warrant(s). When the job asked what was going on, I made sure to let them know their newly hired employee was being arrested in reference to Embezzlement/Money Laundering.

I am not a fan of thievery, I do not play when it comes to crimes involving thievery, and will catch all or majority of those that come into my purview regarding thievery. That is what it is going to be, what it is ! Plain & Simple... 

Every LEO Has That One Type of Crime....