Friday, April 3, 2020


Coronavirus (COVID-19) have affected just about every entity worldwide, countries have declared states of emergency, countries have restricted traveling to and from their borders, states have issued Stay at Home Orders, etc. all goal oriented at limiting the spread of the virus.

Unfortunately, despite the pandemic’s effect on the world a lot of people have overtly went against the mandates, have chosen to keep their businesses or house of worships open to large groups of people. These actions are a violation of the law, and thus will be addressed by Law Enforcement Officials.

Recently a pastor of a church decided that he’d still hold service for the masses and even stated that he’d cure the virus for all those that are infected through prayer. Said pastor put the word out and the masses attended the church for service in violation of the current mandate in place restricting said gathering from taking place.

In response to his/her actions, more than 100+ people were potentially exposed to the virus in a situation where it could have been avoided. I say this because in the eyes of the law, that pastor violated the law, and as such was charged appropriately by Law Enforcement.

To be specific, Law Enforcement reached out to the pastor letting him/her know that the gathering for the service was restricted by law due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and that he/she would be arrested if the gathering commenced. The gathering took place, it was shut down by Law Enforcement, and the pastor was arrested.

The pastor was charged with two misdemeanor charges; lawful assembly during a time of emergency and unlawfully intentionally placing others in danger during a health crisis.

A lot of people are afraid, I understand that…however people need to understand that the law was put into effect to protect their health and wellbeing while healthcare officials are working hard to figure out an appropriate solution in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that is spreading throughout the world.

Don’t let a religious figure or anyone else for that matter put you in danger, stay home, stay healthy, and let the system in place work so that this virus can be defeated as many others have in the past. 

The Pastor Can’t Cure the Coronavirus (COVID-19)...