Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Law Enforcement Officials throughout the country have been tasked with enforcing newly implemented “stay at home orders” or “Lockdown” restrictions issued from their respective local government officials in hope of generally lessening the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

All non-essential businesses have been ordered to remain closed until further notice and all citizens have been asked to only leave their residence when absolutely necessary (i.e. food, work, healthcare, etc.). 

LEOs enforcing the orders in place are more oriented towards educating and getting the information pertaining to the local governments order to all those that potentially don’t know what exactly is restricted during this time throughout the country. 

That being said, the topic of discussion today will be focused on how those “stay at home orders” are being handled by LEOs and what can result from deliberately violating said orders in the place. 

So when a call for service is initiated in reference to Overcrowding or a business operating when they aren’t authorized to do so LEOs respond the scene to verify the situation and based off those findings the situation is handled in basically three ways.

The first is the allegation is discovered to be unfounded and all parties are found to be in compliance with the orders in place. 
The second is that the complaint is verified to be valid and all parties involved are educated on the currently restrictions in place referencing the “stay at home orders”. Everyone Is then asked to leave the area, they are issued a copy of the orders in place, and asked to maintain proper social distance from one another as they depart the area. 

If none of those options are effective, LEOs have the authority to issue Summons or even take people to jail in violation of the “stay at home orders”. 

Majority of states have made violation of the “stay at home orders” a misdemeanor offense that carries both jail time and/or a possible fine in hope of encouraging people to follow the orders. 

Law enforcement aren’t proactively looking for violators, we ourselves are practicing social distancing to the best of our abilities. However, we still are out there and will respond when a violation is reported or observed. That all being said, these laws were placed in effect to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) currently plaguing the world and should be followed by all to the best of their abilities. Plain and simple, stay healthy! 

Overcrowding and Violation of Stay at Home Orders….