Sunday, March 8, 2020


Law Enforcement Agencies work with just about every other government agency working in majority of the fields offering public services, when an incident occurs where Law Enforcement gets involved more than likely additional entities are contacted to assist in resolving said incident. The topic of discussion today will be surrounding the different agencies that assist in resolving incident where Law Enforcement is involved. The agencies may differ in name via states but all tend to provide the same or very similar services to the public. 

The Department of Transportation is responsible for the physical roadway, the signage that is posted, the utility poles, etc. This is the entity that clears the roadway when it comes to snow, debris, or high rise water. In addition, all the makings you see on the roadway are handled by this agency. They are literally the entity that governs the roadways, so majority of the time if any issue arises concerning the roadways…the Department of Transportation is notified to assist in a resolution. 

The Department of Transportation has resources and teams to deploy to any and all incidents related to the roadways. They work very closely with LEOs and maintain a stable relationship when it comes to helping one another during problem resolutions. 

Child and Adult Protective Services are responsible for the wellbeing of Children and/or Adults when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are established minimum standards of living when it comes to both adults and children, this is the entity that assist when an incident arises where those minimums are being met. In addition to that, this entity maintains the authority to command a child be removed from the care of their parents with or without said parents’ consent. 

Child and Adult Protective Services work with LEOs all the time, any incident where child abuse or neglect is suspected is reported to them for further investigation. When it comes to adult abuse it is normally oriented towards the elderly or mentally incapacitated subjects that are subject to possible abuse or neglect when it comes to their care. Nevertheless, this entity works with LEOs all the time when children or adults are involved in incidents where their safety may be in jeopardy. 

Power and Telecommunications, these entities vary by state but every state has some entity that manages the power supply and electric communication networks. These entities are responsible for the power, so the lines, transformers, transmitters, etc. are governed by them. Attached to majority of power poles are also telecommunication lines as well. They work together to maintain a network system to govern power distribution and communication capabilities for everyone to utilize. 

When it comes to Law Enforcement the power companies are notified whenever an incident arises where there is a possibility of live power lines or communication lines not be properly manages. 

This usually is associated with damage to poles, lines, or transformers in the area and as a result normally comes with major power loss in the areas associated. The ultimate goal when it comes to Law Enforcement is resuming a safe status when it comes to electric power associated with any kind of incident. Both power and telecommunication companies will be notified in the event of incident associated with either arises and LEOs work with them to get to plausible resolution as quickly as possible. 

Those are just three (3), however there many more entities that work with Law Enforcement Agencies, these entities are essential to making the system work and resolving any issues that arise with having a system in place that provides services to the public at large. Everyone works hard to keep the system working in a way where services can be maintained and the livelihoods of people can thrive as a result. 

Essential Agencies that Work with Law Enforcement…