Saturday, February 8, 2020


So there are some criminals that are just plain stupid, that don’t understand that they will be caught committing the crime when they continue their actions. I didn’t have the luxury of dealing with the two offenders involved, I simply read about it, and had a good laugh afterwards. 

I wanted to discuss it here because of how ridiculous these two offenders are to believe there actions were a good ideas. For obvious reasons I will not be disclosing the offenders names, moving forward they shall be called Brother A or BA and Brother B or BB. That being said, let’s get into what happened…

Brother A was somewhere thinking and decided that he was going to steal a vehicle because he didn’t have a car. Brother A was able to successfully steal an SUV; he drove it for a little while, it was reported to Law enforcement that said SUV had been stolen via the owner, BA was discovered driving said stolen SUV, and then BA was taken into custody for stealing said SUV.

Brother A was granted bail, meaning he was able to be temporarily released from custody pending court proceedings as long as a specified amount of money was used as collateral. Logically, BA asked Brother B to come to the jail and bail him out.

Brother B agrees, gathers up some money, and heads to the jail to bail out Brother A. However, Brother B’s license to drive had been previously suspended by the state he resides in. Brother B decided that he was going to drive while his privileges were suspended and also that he was going to steal a vehicle to go pick Brother A up from the jail in. 

Brother B successfully steals a SUV ironically and drives it to the jail with the intentions on bailing out Brother A. Prior to BB’s arrival at the jail, the vehicle was reported to Law enforcement as stolen via the owner and a lookout for the vehicle was put out to all units. Law enforcement spotted the vehicle, conducted a traffic stop, and Brother B was taken into custody soon after that for Driving under suspension and stealing the SUV.

Brother A and B were able to communicate with one another while they both were being held at the jail pending court proceedings. Obviously, the irony here is that Brother A and B are in jail for the exact same thing. However, the funny part is that BB stole a vehicle to go bail out BA who was being held for…stealing a vehicle! Getting caught must run in the family…

Stole a Car to Bail Out Brother…that Stole a Car