Thursday, February 13, 2020


Law enforcement Officers often time deal with the worse of the worse type of people and go to the worse calls for service. On those days, at those type of calls, and with those type of people are when the career path really hits hard to the soul. I say that because today I want to discuss one of the worse calls for service that I went to, it involved a child, and an act that should have never happened.

Regular day working patrol, the day was busy, and I had a lot of reports to get done before I’d be allowed to go home. The call came out for exactly what it was, a fifteen year old that decided to end it all and commit suicide by gun. I hit the emergency equipment and drive fast with the hope that when I get there the child would be able to be saved. Unfortunately, that was not the case…

When I arrived at the scene I went to the house, up the stairs, and into the child’s bedroom. There on the fully made bed, fully dressed, and ready for the day laid the child with a bullet in his/her skull. The gun laid next to the right arm, blood smeared the comforters, and the wall behind the bed letting me know what happened. 

On the bedside table laid a note, the worst note addressed to his/her parents saying goodbye, and explaining that they had to get away from it all. The body is cold, the soul is long gone from it, and now the only thing to do is return the husk to the ground proper.

I process the scene, then start putting the pieces together regarding what happened…the child had been struggling with depression, bi-polar disorder, etc. and decided that he/she didn’t want to be a burden on anyone any more. There was another note found inside of the gun case that the child accessed for the firearm, this note explained that the child figured out that the firearm was present a few months ago, and decided to utilize it. An apology came with it, and a slew of I love you’s as well. 

The parents were devastated, they couldn’t even talk to me the first few hours that I was present at the scene, but eventually I got everything that I needed.

The incident was deemed as it was a suicide, the body was taken, the bedding was taken, an autopsy was done, and then the body was released to the parents/funeral home to be prepped for the funeral.

In the end, I wrote my report, said a prayer for the soul that left the Earth, and moved on to the next call for service. It gets easier as time goes on, but it is NEVER easy. 

We as LEOs have a job to do, we have to be strong when everyone else isn’t, then we have to pick up the pieces, and try to give people their lives back to the best of our ability. It is calls like these that remind me that not everyone can do this job, but those that do, are some of the strongest people on the Earth for it….

One of the Worst Calls I've Gotten in My Career...