Friday, February 21, 2020


The previous post involved a juvenile or a minor that was responsible for a major criminal action and would need to be certified through the court to allow any real punishment to be put into effect by the court. That being said, the topic of discussion today will be surrounding the process in which juveniles or minors are certified in the court as adults so that they may participate in a trial revolving around some of the worse crimes possible.

So normally when a juvenile commits a crime, the court has deemed that it can be handled outside of the court system, or the juvenile can be deferred to a program or community service. 

The point is that the juvenile is put into a situation where they can learn from their mistakes without them having lasting effects on their futures. That process is sufficient when dealing with minor criminal offenses, however when the incident is of felonies nature and violence is involved, the courts can send the juvenile to a juvenile detention facility for a period of time. 

While at the facility, the juvenile will be counselled, schooled, and watched for further bad behaviors. In addition, the juvenile will be required to take accountability for their actions through civil reprimand, community service, assignments, etc. Those are with serious crimes that usually have a victim, or a business that heavily impacted by the actions of the juvenile.

Understanding that, when it comes to major criminal actions (i.e. murder, homicide, etc.) taken by juveniles they are presented to the courts and by court order certified as adults so that they can stand trial in reference to the criminal action. When a juvenile is certified as an adult, they are in the eyes of the law no longer a minor, and as such if found guilty are subject to more severe punishments. 

Upon conviction of a major crimes, the juvenile is housed within a juvenile detention facility until the age of eighteen (18). Upon reaching legal age, the subject would then be transferred over to an adult facility to serve the remainder of their punishment.

A juvenile being certified as an adult is a big thing, so if it happens something truly terrible had to have happened as a result of the actions taken by the juvenile. That about sums it up when it comes to juveniles being certified as adults and charged with major crimes…

Juveniles Certified as Adults…