Monday, January 20, 2020

MLK DAY, 2020

Martin Luther King Day (MLK Day) has come arrived and I feel that it is a very important day for everyone not only because it is federal holiday, but also because of the life and legacy the day represents for everyone. 

Everyone knows who Martin Luther King Jr is and his nonviolent contributions to the Civil Rights movement that changes this country all those years ago so I won’t be exploring that avenue much. I will be focusing more on the legacy, what the day actually means, and should represent to everyone in this county.

Martin Luther King Day was established as a federal holiday, so everything governed by the Federal Reserve schedule and/or that recognizes the holiday in the private sector are closed. However, that doesn’t mean that those people shouldn’t be out working in the community. 

Majority of people these days unfortunately are just happy to have the day off from work/school, but the real reason for the day off from work/school is so that people can remember those nonviolent contributions and what was fought for during the Civil Rights Movement. In addition, it provides time for people to give back to the community in some sort of way.

It can be anything ranging from volunteer work, community outreach, given to those less fortunate, educating younger generations, etc. the point is that people are giving back and doing something towards making the society better. That is the legacy, which is the point of Martin Luther King Day. I say all of this because majority of people don’t actually under the holiday, but again are happy to have the day off from work/school.  

That being said, I challenge everyone to be better for the community moving forward, and to find time to give back to society in a meaningful way. People have given their lives for the luxuries of today’s world…so a few hours bettering society isn’t asking too much…

MLK Day, 2020