Wednesday, January 1, 2020


It is finally time to say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020! It is the beginning of a new decade so it warrants some most needed changes. That being said, I want to wish you and all the love ones around you a Happy New Years. I truly hope that this year is filled with joy, happiness, love, wealth, challenge, and experiences that will never be forgotten. 

To my brothers and sisters in uniform, be safe while working in the field. We made it to another year, but not without some losses along the way. Protect everyone including yourselves, and know that you are not alone. If something is off or a situation is escalating fast…get some help there right away! Our ultimate goal for the year is for all of us to make it 2021 without serious Injury or Death. 

Some people make New Year Resolutions, I don’t because it doesn’t take the beginning of a new year for changes to be made or challenges for growth to be striven for. That can and should be happening all throughout the year. 

However, I do challenge everyone this year to make it one of the best years of your life. Take chances and do things that you want to do, visit new places, change your diet, move to a new location, etc. Whatever it is…I challenge you to stop holding back and do it this year!

Happy New Years, 2020