Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Crimes are committed by criminals, Law enforcement stops said criminals, and upon conviction those criminals are given punishment in the form of financial obligations or time in jail/prison. 

Not all criminals are the same, majority are normal people that just make mistakes or have fell prey to an opportunity that happen to be illegal. There are those criminals, and then there are those criminals that commit crimes over and over again because it is all that they know. These types of criminals are habitual offenders and have come to be known as convicts.

Throughout my career in Law enforcement I have had the luxury of dealing with all types of criminals, when it comes to convicts I have had the opportunity to speak to them and get a feel for the reasoning behind the constant criminal behaviors. Unfortunately majority of them are hardened criminals that have no problem serving time in]1 jail or prison and will not ever get out of the criminal justice system.

Convicts differ from regular criminals because they know the system because they have been through it all too many times. Convicts don’t normally commit small level crimes because it isn’t worth it in their mind, so normally a convict will have served time in prison or jail in their past for criminal actions taken against society. Convicts aren’t out to prove anything to anyone because they have already done so in their minds through their documented criminal backgrounds. If you were look at a convict’s criminal history it would tell a story and provide a timeline of their lives from beginning to end.

Convicts are normally rather respectful as long as you treat them with the same level of respect that you’d like in return. In addition to that, Convicts will normally not act out unless provoked to do so or they have an opportunity to right what they think is a wrong. But in a normal situation, Convicts are just like any other person, however it should be known that they have a criminal mindset so any opportunity given they are liable to take. 

I have witnessed convicts commit criminal acts of violence, theft, and civil actions as well. However, I have also witnessed convicts defend someone that couldn’t defend themselves and express remorse for the criminal actions that have led them to become convicts.

After speaking to a few convicts it is clear that majority believe that society is flawed and against them, that the system has failed them, and thus the reasoning behind them committing crimes. It can be said that crimes committed by certain convicts are a cry for help in a sense in a society that doesn’t understand that everyone doesn’t have the same opportunities to grow and strive for something.

Of all the convicts I’ve had the opportunity to speak to, none of them ever didn’t take responsibility for their actions. They will tell what they did, why they did it that way, and whether or not they expected to get away with it. 

Convicts are an interesting group of people in society, some show concern for them and others just want to condemn them forever. Nevertheless, if a crime was committed and they are convicted, they will serve their punishment.

Convicts V. Criminals...