Monday, December 16, 2019


The study of Biological Bases for Behaviors have determined that all actions are routed through the Brain, even if the person isn’t aware of them. Nothing is done without the Brain’s consent and blessing to do so.

Now during times of stress or self-preservation the Brain is in super mode and time can appear to be slowed because of how fast the Brain processes information. It is sort of like the human superpower, an ability passed down by generations through evolution hard wired to keep the person alive during life or death situations.

Law enforcement officers are fully aware of this superpower and have utilized it in many situation even if they didn’t know it. Majority of the time it activates under extreme stress or in peril where the likelihood of death is increased. It may come under the guise of Fear, but experienced officers know that it is present to help not harm and will enable them to do things they normally couldn’t. 

A few years ago I had a conversation with a fellow officer who is now retired and living good on a beach somewhere enjoying life. However, that could have not been the case…this officer had been working undercover for five (5) years to catch a major drug trafficker and was discovered….

According to the officer, it was just like any other day where he/she was meeting the suspect to converse and setup a transaction of drugs. However, out of nowhere the subject called her/him by their actual name and attempted to cut his/hers throat with a blade. 

The officer stated that it happened so fast that he/she didn’t even realize that their throat was cut and bleeding, in response to the action the officer stated, “Muthafucker did you cut me!” while wasted no time in pulling out a weapon and beginning to shoot as he/she retreated to a position of cover. 

According to the officer, he/she felt no pain and his/her body felt weightless as they moved throughout the building looking for an exit fighting at times with associates of the main subject. The officer made it to an exit point where he/she was taken for further medical treatment. 

Per the officer, once she/he got into the car that’s when he/she realized that he/she was covered in blood as a result of the wound to the neck. I had to know so I asked from one officer to another….did you at least get the dude that cause the injury?....I got the response, “I may not have gotten anyone else, but I for sure got him…” 

The officer’s superpower kicked in and it saved her/his life in the process. The officer told me that the entire incident lasted about ten (10) minutes, but it felt like hours as she/he looked for the exit while dodging death at every corner. The officer stated that he/she felt Fearful, but was able to think clearly throughout the incident as if it wasn’t even happening. The conversation went on but I think you get the point so I will end it here. 

The Brain is the greatest asset an officer can have, it is there with him/her throughout their entire lives and hold their best interest in mind at all times. I say this because it not only allows for conscience behaviors, but also those actions that occur that are unconscious in nature and that could potentially save lives.

The Brain…Best Partner You Can Have!