Monday, December 30, 2019


In the United States of America some states are gun friendly and some are not. By friendly, I mean the state has specified laws, rules, and regulations that allow it citizens the ability to own and carry firearms. 

Some states have both open carry and concealment laws when it comes to firearms, some states just have concealment or open carry laws, and some states don’t have any at all. There has been an on-going political fight going on concerning the different regulations or restrictions that certain states have places on the citizens ability to own or carry a firearm. 

The fight is over whether the restrictions put in place are unconstitutional and violate the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that awards the right to bear arms. Some states argue yes, some states argue no, nevertheless each state has the authority to govern gun control within their boundaries.

Majority of states that have set in place parameters for their citizens to carry firearms have done so either in a concealed or open carry fashion. Open carrying a firearm is exactly what it sounds like, any citizen authorized to do so within the specified state can carry a firearm openly for all to see. 

Of course there are specific government buildings or grounds and private businesses where it is unlawful to carry firearms unless you are a member of Law enforcement. Concealed carrying of a firearm is a little different than open carrying of a firearm because the firearm itself has to be out of public view and an attempt to over it has to be made. In addition to that, it is normally unlawful to conceal a firearm unless a citizen has a permit issued from the specified state authorizing them to do so. This isn’t an uncommon thing, many citizens have a Concealed Carry Firearm Permit, and have operated within the law without incident.

When it comes to Law enforcement having a firearm isn’t a big deal unless you are not authorized to have a firearm or it is being carried unlawfully in respects to open or concealed carry. During my interactions with subjects with lawful firearms, I simply ask them to reframe from touch or reaching where the firearm is during the interaction, then verify that they are authorized to carry it, and finally get to the initial reason for me interacting with them. 

If found to be carrying the firearm unlawfully it will be confiscated and that person charged appropriately with a crime. Guns themselves aren’t scary, they are simply tools manned by humans….it is the human controlling the gun that needs to be looked out for.

The politics behind whether or not the restrictions placed on citizens in certain states that aren’t gun friendly is not my concern…it is literally an argument that will be present for as long as civilization survives. 

Food for thought…Do you know your states gun regulations? Open carry? Concealed Carry? No carry?

Open Carry V. Concealed Carry…