Sunday, December 29, 2019


Law Enforcement and the Public share a vested interest at all times, both depend on one another, and in essence both are a part of one another. 

LEOs are not above the law, and are apart of the public or community they serve. That being said, the topic of discussion is going to be surrounding modern Law Enforcement, the need for improvement in communication with the public, and the need to trust Law Enforcement to do their job. This topic derives from the recent development of movement groups associated with addressing injustices and wrong doings by Law Enforcement.

Recently, several unjust actions taken by Law Enforcement Officers resulting in death or serious injuries have come to light and has sparked a slew of rallies, demonstrations, and protests calling for action to be taken to fix the issues. In addition to that, there have been criminal actions taken against Law Enforcement Officials operating throughout different jurisdictions in the country. Some of these actions resulted in the death or serious injury of Law Enforcement personnel. I am not here to say what is right and wrong, just that something has to change moving forward because the violence has to stop.

Law Enforcement Agencies can be secretive when it comes to releasing information because of internal policies set in place to protect the agency and to ensure it is in compliance with the law regarding releasing any kind of sensitive information. 

Law Enforcement is granted power from the public, plain and simple. Officers are trusted to carry out duties associated with maintaining public safety and if they found in violation of those duties they should be held accountable. However, if they are acquitted in a court of law by a jury designated from the public they should not have to worry about their actions because they were deemed justified once all the situation was fully evaluated. 

The truth of matter is that the majority of the people in the public are governed by their emotions before anything else, they form opinions, and crucify those they fell are wrong without even knowing the full story most of the time. 

Society has established laws and procedures all goal oriented at maintaining order and safety for everyone. However, if these law and procedures are followed it results in chaos and that is what the situation is beginning to look like. Protest, Demonstrate, and call for action, but we as a society should never harm those that are innocent or crucify without knowing the facts. Be patient and let the system do what it was designed to do, maintain order and safety for everyone. 

The system is always perfect, it cannot and will not always make everyone happy. But two wrongs don’t make anything right…it just adds complexity to the situation and makes it that much harder to resolve the root problem. Violence should always be a last result and taken only when there is nothing else that can be done to resolve a situation. Society came from Chaos, it shouldn’t be allowed to return to it….

All Lives Matter…