Monday, November 18, 2019


The whole concept of Law enforcement is relatively new in the United States; it has not been around since the beginning of time as many would believe. In fact, it actually began with ill intentions in mind but eventually evolved into what it is today. 

Policing began in the private industry when prohibition, gambling, and prostitution were booming in Colonial America. 

Basically companies would hire part time Watchmen that would stay out at night to make sure “business” continued uninterrupted. This would come in the form of intimidation, command presence, and other barely legal tactics of the time frame. The system wasn’t perfect, often time the Watchmen on duty would drink, sleep, or possibly exploit the opportunity to get involved with the “business” of the night. These men were managed poorly and the job wasn’t really sought after as it was often time seen as a punishment of sort.

As civilization developed and communities grew in size the system of employing night Watchmen became obsolete and the concept sort of split in two directions. In one direction, Watchmen slowly devolved into what we know today as “Organized Crime” or “Gang affiliation”. These men worked for a specific individual or crime family, they protected and enforced their interests as long as they were paid to do so. In the other direction, local government began taking interest in the concept of building a force to protect and enforce after many business owners complained that their businesses were being disrupted. 

It began in Boston, business owners petitioned to have the public pay for a group to protect the transportation of goods arguing that it was for the collective good of everyone so everyone should have to put in for it. It worked and Boston effectively had the first police force, this spread very quickly and soon every city had a police force of some sort. This is obviously the quick cut in dry version, but it serves to briefly explain the origins of both Law enforcement and its main jobs security.

As organized crime evolved so did law enforcement, today there are over a half a million law enforcement officer in the United States operating out of just about every jurisdiction possible. Yet, there is still plenty of crime and more hatred than ever. Civilization is constantly fighting against its natural desire to slip back into the chaos of the primordial era, some embrace it and live life without care of others. Others have embraced the modern era, they want for growth as a people, and a stop to all the all the meaningless fighting towards one another. Some of these people become LEOs, some politicians, some lawyers, etc. all goal oriented at fighting that chaos and keeping the modern world moving forward.

Although Law enforcement started with ill intentions, it evolved over time into a good to fight the bad…if that isn’t proof that there is still good in the world…then what is! Knowing both sides, the criminal actions conducted in today’s world, and what’s at stake. Ask yourself…What side am I on?  

Where Did We Come From...Why Are We Here?!