Saturday, December 28, 2019


Law enforcement is very stressful both physically and mentally, it definitely takes a toll eventually if not managed well. Going into the career path you hear the stories and think to yourself that it won’t be me, but a few years on the street and it is you. It is unfortunately a never ending cycle within the Law enforcement community. 

Officers eventually take off the uniform and go home to attempt to live a regular life. Some have rough days and then have to go home to a family that has no clue what they are going through. This can lead to means of self-medicating or cries for help in the form of alcoholism and isolation from those once called friends. Unfortunately, the stress also manifests at home leading to broken marriages and possibly abusive behaviors in the household. This causes additional stress which continues the spiral downward into inevitable depression, eventually that Officer isn’t even a shadow of his/her former self and will seek a way out…

Officers are built to be tough and don’t want to come off as being the weak link, this stigma is one of the leading contributions causing the never ending cycle. It isn’t impossible to stop, I am and know of plenty healthy officers in the Law enforcement community. It needs to be addressed more from both the Officers side and the Agency side as well. 

I enjoy relaxing at home, reading, learning new skills, exercising, etc. so after work that is what I tend to do to de-stress from whatever happened throughout the workday. I have continued to make it my priority to continue my hobbies or doing the things I enjoy because they were there before the uniform and represent my personal persona. This is important because it allows time away from the stressors of work and thus time for mental recovery. It is very important for Officer to maintain a life outside of work to some extent because that will be what protects against the stressors at work. 

Law enforcement agencies need to better at acknowledging issues amongst Officers and provide more means to de-stress or burn off some steam while units are on duty. Agencies are aware of the issues and are working in the right direction, they just need to continue and be proactive about it rather than reaction to it. 

More agencies are allowing time for Officers to exercise while on duty, to speak to someone after a critical incident to let out any concerns, and to take more time off to spend with family. All good things goal oriented at battling against that never ending cycle, however it is up to the Officer to recognize the need for change and make said changes for the better.

This is a topic that I have always found interesting because it applies to everyone in uniform no matter the jurisdiction, yet it isn’t spoke aloud much. I believe that it is because of that stigma of being weak, nevertheless it is fascinating to me. 

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