Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Sometimes in Law enforcement things are not what they appear to be, however before we get into the discussion a few rules need to be established. Rule 1: People Lie, 2: People don’t read, 3: People always call the police for some reason. 

Often times LEOs receive calls for service that are interesting, other times we receive calls that are how you say….stupid. Nevertheless all calls are investigated to the fullest to make sure that any criminal actions isn’t missed. That being said lets getting to the discussion. 

While on patrol a call for service came out where an individual’s car was stolen, I immediately responded to the location provided to meet with the complainant regarding the particulars surrounding the stolen car.

At the residence, the complainant stated that her vehicle was stolen the night before and that she had no idea where it was or took it. In addition, she provides a detailed list of everywhere visited the night before and who she was with during said outings. The complainant signs the form that basically states that if the vehicle is found to not be stolen and this is a rues in anyway the person making the report can be charged with making a false police report, by signing you confirm that the vehicle is stolen. At first glance this seems pretty legit, the vehicle isn’t parked around the neighborhood, and the complainant seemed legitimately concerned.

Things immediately go south when I run the vehicle information through the police databases utilized to store vehicles that have been involved in an accident. I find out that the vehicle was involved in a crash the night before and was towed to a junk yard because it was assumed to be abandoned. This means that no one was seen or present to take ownership of the vehicle upon discovery of the accident. To be specific, the vehicle struck a parked car and the owner came out to find an empty vehicle had struck his vehicle.

So at this point, my gut was yelling at me that this lady crashed her car, left the scene, and is now trying to say that it was stolen. Sounds good, but I need proof of course. So I canvass the area where the accident occurred for anyone with cameras, sure enough someone with a RING doorbell camera provides footage of this woman most likely drunk crashing her car into the parked vehicle and then getting out of said vehicle to run away. Warrants were obtained for several violations of law the following day.

Sometimes things are not what they appear to be, I could have just filed the report and deemed it as stolen, however I wanted to know for certain that it was stolen and investigated it as I should. Of course the owner of the parked vehicle was provided with her insurance information to file claims, wouldn’t leave the victim out after all.

People Lie…People don’t read…and People Always Call the Cops!