Tuesday, November 26, 2019


People can be truly evil when aspects of their lives aren’t going according to their ideal plan, more or less it usually revolves around the lack of resources and the lack of self-wealth. 

That feeling of no purpose leads people to dark places where they lash out upon those that they can potentially control, usually children or other love ones. It is not always violent; it can manifest in limitations put on activities, control over all the resources, isolating the person from outside help from family, or just placing the person in position of exploit or blackmail. 

Nevertheless, it is all a ply utilized to gain some type of control over another due to that lacking feeling of self-wealth. I say this because the discussion of the day revolves around a situation that where the person was being manipulated into a position where she couldn’t get any help outside of the other person involved.

I responded to the residence in regard to a neighbor calling the police because he/she believed that someone was being beaten in the apartment below his/hers. Upon arrival I hear yelling and crying from behind the door of the apartment below the reporting parties, thus I knock on the door. I can hear the male subject in the residence telling the woman subject to “shut up or you won’t eat tonight” as he approaches the door to greet me. 

Based on what my partner and I just heard we come up with a quick plan to immediately separate the two parties once the door is opened for us. The male subject opens the door and greets us as if nothing is wrong, in fact he was pleasant and polite with us throughout the duration of the call for service. I tell him we are at the residence regarding a welfare check on all parties in the house because of the noise heard from the other side of the door. 

The male subject attempted to defuse any suspicion by stating that his wife was asleep inside and didn’t want to be disturbed, that was quickly debunked based off the fact that we heard her just before he opened the door. I instruct the male subject to stay where he was with my partner while I go check on the rest of the person(s) in the residence.

When I entered the residence it stunk of alcohol and appeared to be in disarray as if an argument occurred as suspected. At this point I was thinking this is a possible domestic violence situation, but the situation was about to take a huge turn once I ventured further into the dwelling. I call out to the female subject known to be in the house to identify myself, suddenly a little girl comes out one of the bedrooms dressed in a long shirt that most likely belonged to the male subject. 

From observation it is immediately clear that the shirt is the only article of clothing she is wearing, this raises alarms in my mind and the investigation go from potential domestic violence situation to potential abduction or kidnapping or child abuse. The little girl greets me respectfully, then states that nothing is going on and everything is okay. I ask her where her mother is and she responds that she doesn’t have a mother because she was sent to stay with the male subject. 

At this point…Abduction was looking real likely so I contacted my Sergeant and asked him to check into the identity of the little girl, sure enough the little girl was reported missing several months prior.

The obvious stuff occurs following that (I.e. the male was taken to jail, child services notified, child’s parents notified, etc.). it was revealed that the male subject abducted the child because he wanted control over someone because his wife left him and took his children with her. 

The child was in good health, however this situation tells two stories; one of a child in danger and one of a male subject that had lost something and in response attempted to rectify that lose by taking something from someone else. There are still good people in the world…but there are also evil people present as well.

People Can Be Truly Evil…