Thursday, November 21, 2019


People aren’t as smart as they think, in fact some people are outright dare I say it stupid. I don’t say this to be mean, or inconsiderate of those with learning disabilities or anything like that. I am talking about those without a legitimate excuse to their behaviors. I am going to present my evidence of course, however I want you read on with an open-mind and by the end you may come to realize as I have that some people are just plain stupid.

I am not one of those officers that stay in their vehicle all day long, in fact I like to walk around and meet the people I serve on the regular bases throughout my shift. Plus, it is a tactic used to eliminate that stigma that LEOs aren’t approachable, but that is a whole different discussion. 

So as I am walking down the sidewalk speaking to another officer who had decided to join me, an individual ran up to us in a panic from the direction of the nearby Walmart store. The man was running and yelling to us, “Help, Help, I have been Robbed”. Upon his arrival, we verified the male subject was not hurt and then ask him what happened. The next thing that came out of his mouth was as follows:

“I need y’all to go arrest my friend (Subject B) because he robbed me, Subject B robbed me of (4) four packs of hotdogs that I stole from the Walmart yesterday just a few minutes ago, I had placed them in a bag and set it down next to me. Subject B came over to where I was and snatched the bad as he ran away, so he robbed me.” 

At first I thought that I had heard the male subject incorrectly, so I verified to make sure that what I heard was, “…that I stole from the Walmart yesterday.” He responded, “Yeah, I took them so that I could sell them for Beer money”. I then ran the story back to him making sure I understood that Subject B robbed him of the stolen goods that he stole the day before from the nearby Walmart. 

The male responded with confirmation as if he didn’t just confess to a crime, I looked at the other officer present and he was baffled by the information presented to us. I informed the male that he had confess to a crime and he immediately ran away as if just realizing his actions.

I went to the Walmart and sure enough they had him on camera stealing items from the food section the day before, he was wearing the same clothing in everything. Based off the pricing of the hotdogs the crime was a Misdemeanor and at the time Walmart didn’t want to press charges so the man didn't go to jail. 

The point is…that was stupid, plain and simple. I even verified it and he agreed in confessing to the stealing of the hotdogs. Now hearing that story, do you think I am mean for saying that some people aren’t as smart as they think, or am I accurate in my saying that some are stupid…I think I am in the clear!

People Can Be Dumb as a Pack of HOTDOGS...