Thursday, November 28, 2019


First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, definitely my fellow Officers out there in uniform keeping everyone safe during the holiday season. I hope everyone gets at least a little bit of time with their love ones during this time of year. It is important to take a moment and be thankful for everything that we have, some may have more than others, but everyone has something to be thankful for. 

The topic I wanted to discuss today is exactly that…being thankful; I wear a uniform that people hate for no reason and yet again I have returned home as I left this morning so I cannot complain. The bills are paid, love ones are present, food is in the refrigerator, and the heat works so I am good to go.

I have been in a lot of stressful situations both at work and outside of work making ends meet, not everything is perfect but the ship is floating despite a hole or two. Those of you out there that are struggling with finding something to be thankful for take a look in the mirror and be thankful for yourself at the very least because you are here! You matter and those that haven’t noticed are simply missing out. Those that are out shopping or working off a great meal be thankful for the opportunity to do so, and if you just happen to spot one of my extended family members in uniform be thankful for them as well because without us things would be in chaos. 

This was a short one, however I do want to challenge everyone out there to be better people towards those around you, to be thankful for all that you have, and to give to those that are less fortunate during this time of year. 

Happy Thanksgiving, 2019