Saturday, November 16, 2019


Since I was a kid I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, most kids give nonsense answers when asked i.e. astronaut, race car driver, fire fighter, etc. But me…I always knew without a doubt that I wanted to join the Law Enforcement community.

I use to dress up every Halloween as a Cop, I watched all the "Cop" shows on TV, and even researched what was required to become a Cop before even being eligible to work in the United States. I wanted to chase criminals, catch bad guys, drive fast, get into gun fights, put people in jail, etc. basically all the stuff that the shows and movies showed as being what Law Enforcement was about.

Of course I knew that it wasn't always action all the time, but I wanted that kind of lifestyle and am proud to say that I accomplished that goal. Yes, at the age of 24 years old I was sworn in as a Law Enforcement Officer. It was a great day and one that I will never forget. 

My squad and I had gone through several months of training where we were beat down so that we could be rebuilt as Law enforcement officers. Several months of team work, sacrifice, and prayer that we'd all pass. Majority of us did, but a few of us did not. Watching those that didn't make it while at attention made it all real and served as a reminder of how serious the training was. No one took a sigh of relief until the final state exam was completed, graded, and we were told that we were graduating.

After the ceremonies, the shaking hands, and the celebrations, I remember going home proud of what I had accomplished, but also enthusiastic about the path forward throughout my career in Law Enforcement. This was only the to get through field training.

Dream it...Plan it...Earn it!