Saturday, November 30, 2019


Law enforcement agencies are governed by the laws in place and the people’s trust within their jurisdiction, therefore not all calls for service are simply law enforcing. In fact, Law enforcement tends to be connected into just about everything when it comes to the community. I say that because the discussion of the day is regarding an activity that was strictly community based, but then evolved into something chaotic in nature.

So in preparation for a potential attack of some sort certain important buildings throughout the city (i.e. schools, government buildings, etc.) have simulated drills that are goal oriented at causing a certain response for all involved. My agency was asked to participate and assist with the ruse basically, our part was easy and it allowed for us to get some training in as well so win win right!

The scenario was simple; the building was on fire, the alarms were going off, and a subject with a gun was somewhere in the building. The staff members were to evaluate the building via certain exit protocols and meet at a specific pre-planned spot away from the building. 

Law enforcement was to search the building, stop the threat if present, and assist Fire & Rescue personnel. So everyone knew what their roles were on the Law enforcement side, the staff members were the select group being tested this time around so they didn’t know much.

When the alarms went off in the building panic ensued immediately, people completely forgot about the fire and simply barricaded themselves in rooms hiding from the simulated threat. Law enforcement ended up going room to room pulling people out of the building, so it basically turned into an active shooter drill without anyone planning it to. 

The building was cleared and the drill was concluded without incident. The staff members failed, however the administrators wanted to have a debriefing QnA session to address any concerns from the exercise.

This is where things went wrong, everyone gathered in a crowd on one side of the building and the administrators stood on top of an evaluated level surface so that all can be seen during the debriefing session. 

As questions were asked and answered all appeared to be going well. This was until someone began yelling because black smoke began coming from the rear of the crowd, someone set a fire in the crowd that grew over time and had become a significant threat to public safety. Chaos ensued immediately with the staff members impatiently moving away from the source of the smoke and towards the interior of the building.

The fire department was on scene so they put out the fire while law enforcement and the Fire Marshal’s office began investigating the cause of said fire. No one was hurt or injured during the incident, and the fire was caught before it could get out of control so the situation did have a decent resolution. 

The Fire Marshal’s Office and I interviewed a lot of suspects and citizens concerning the incident, however in the end the investigation was not able to determine who started the fire definitely. Due to lack of evidence and suspects the case ended up being closed later in the future to my knowledge.

The point of the discussion is to bring to light that some people don’t want the community to be better, that some people want chaos, and will do anything or endanger anyone to disrupt any good that can boaster the community. 

Chaos....then Arson...then more Chaos?